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Way back in 2008 Soul Junction released a 45 on Duane Williams “Yes My Love Is Real” with Duane being one half of the Detroit husband and wife singing duo Beverley and Duane. The duo under the guidance of their lifelong friend Will Hatcher recorded six songs of which two “ We Got To Stick Together” and “Glad I Got You Baby” were picked up by local Detroit label president Woodrow ‘Woody Wilson for release as a 45 single on his Fee label. The popularity of the 45 was to attract attention from the major Ariola label, who picked it up for national distribution during 1978 leading to the subsequent Ariola album ‘Beverley & Duane”. As the 1980’s dawned Beverley and Duane recorded a solitary 45 single for the independent Detroit Brown Bomber label “Love/You Belong To Me”. The label was owned by John L. Barrow a nephew of former heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis, (Brown Bomber being Louis’s nickname). Beverley and Duane later moved to the west coast until their amicable divorce which led to Duane returning to his native Detroit to reacquaint himself with his former mentor Will Hatcher. This meeting of old friends led to the creation of Duane’s first solo project which Will brought to Soul Junction in late 2007. Hot on the heels of Duane’s hugely popular Soul Junction 45 came his subsequent CD album “These Songs Are For You” (SJ5001) released in 2009. Contained within this album was the very pertinent gospel/social commentary song “Father We’re Having Trouble” a song which two very close and knowledgeable friends of mine the late John Anderson and Bill Randle claimed had all the right ingredients for a potential hit record.

Over the ensuing years this song has always remained in my thoughts until a few years ago I broached the idea with my good friend Jesse James recording a cover version of it, Jesse upon hearing the song was very receptive to the idea. Another period of time elapsed before we again reignited the idea. A decade or so on from Duane’s original version and the lyric’s of this particular song still remain as pertinent as ever, if not more so! During early 2020 Jesse entered, Con Funk Shun multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Felton Pilate’s Felstar Studio in Atlanta to lay down the basic tracks with Felton acting as co-producer on this project. Everything was progressing nicely until a worldwide pandemic intervened. With Jesse locked down in his new home on the West Coast and Felton in Atlanta the project unfortunately came to a holt. During this enforced period of inactivity further racial and political upheaval occurred which only added more poignance to the project. Eventually with the lifting of lockdown restrictions Jesse finally made it back to Atlanta to finish the project, the fruits of which you have before you now.


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Father We’re Having Trouble Down Here


No. Track Preview

Father We’re Having Trouble down Here (Album Mix)


Jesse James




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