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Wonder 45 – Make It Happen / Cry – 7″ Vinyl – IN STOCK NOW !!


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WONDER 45 are a London-based soul ensemble, formed as an instrumental recording project by producer/writer Holley Gray. Collaborating with guitarist Ross Ewart, drummer Chris Nickolls and keys player Steve Pringle, Wonder 45 are committed to writing and recording authentic soul music from their suburban London base.

The band came into their own when they linked up with singer/songwriters Jess Greenfield and Gavin Conder, (who as The Kondoors, were described by Blues Matters’ as a “slick and stylish group oozing with class”) to add the top line vocal melodies that bring the songs to life.

Last year’s Wonder 45 track ‘Wonderland’, released on Germany’s Golden Rules label, won the band plenty of plaudits on the underground soul scene, with the band described as being ‘in the throngs of pursuing ecstatic musical heights’ by Blues & Soul Magazine.

They are back with a stream of new releases in the run up to their debut album “Wonderland” release in 2024 and we are delighted to be releasing these singles on vinyl at Big AC Records!

First up is this fantastic 45 featuring ‘Make It Happen’ and ‘Cry’.

“Make It Happen” is a positive, uplifting, track filled with in-your-face brass, dirty wah guitar, and group vocals that fans of “Sly and The Family Stone” will fall in love with. Make it happen, is a conversation with yourself, don’t wait till it’s too late, you got to do, to make it happen. You’ve got what it takes, but that’s not enough if you don’t try. With vocals that start low, but reach highs you don’t think possible, “Make It Happen” gives you no choice but to dance, sing and clap along, and most importantly to take their advice and “Make It Happen”.

On the flip, “Cry” is a gritty, soul ballad about putting all into a relationship, getting your heart broken but not being defeated and coming back stronger than ever. Recorded in an analogue studio to preserve the all-important warmth that is so needed for a track full of soul and emotion – let roaring horns, driving organ, crunchy drums and incredibly unapologetic vocals take you to emotional highs and lows in this future soul classic.



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Make It Happen


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Wonder 45




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