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The Staples – Take This Love Of Mine / Precious, Precious – 7″ Vinyl (Picture Sleeve) – LIMITED EDITION – BACK IN STOCK NOW !!


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With the collapse of Stax Records, The Staple Singers signed with Warner Bros in 1975, leading to a brief and fruitful collaboration with Curtis Mayfield. Their first work, the OST ‘Let´s Do It Again’, became the Staples’ all-time best seller. Such was the success that the major decided that Mayfield would also produce their next work, ‘Pass It On’, in 1976.

Along with the group’s new sound and shift in lyrics, there also came a new image and a shortened name: The Staples. “Take This Love Of Mine” is a catchy two-stepper dancer, with a passionate and powerful vocal performance and uplifting chorus. “Precious, Precious” is an elegant and sophisticated ballad with less presence of arrangements but which is still incredibly moving and oozing quality. Both tracks, overlooked as singles, closed an album destined to consolidate the success of the new era.

Unfortunately, sales fell short of WB’s expectations, leading to Curtis being removed from the production of the subsequent Staples records. Undoubtedly, one of their finest albums and a true favorite among soul fans.




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Take This Love Of Mine


No. Track Preview

Precious, Precious


The Staples




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