The L.A. Propinquity – U Need Me – 7″ Vinyl – LIMITED EDITION – Pre-Order – DELAYED – In Stock w/c 22/4/24


Hittin your decks in 4 weeks time, “U need me” by the LA Propinquity surfaces as part of a body of productions initially meant to be put out all together on an album. As often seen, for many reasons this didn’t happen and we are offered the privilege to release it on our flagship label first time ever. A modern soul dancer of the highest order out of a couple of premium recording studios in Los Angeles (included Hit City West with award winning engineer Avi Kipper at the controls) by the hands of Maestro Sanifu Hall and his Aljoni Music Co. featuring what could easily be defined the L.A. Dream Team of musicians, to include the infectious groove of drummer supreme James Gadson (previously featured also on our long sold outs with Mike James Kirkland) and many other stellar players from the area. I know I’m a weirdo so, to my taste, the flipside is as remarkable. Sanifu’s slick instrumental arrangement enriched by the flute of Todd Del Giudice, seamlessly in and out from the verses, makes it a sublime slice of original Soul Jazz from the late 70’s. Actually we really struggled to put this version on the back up side of this release as, with that hint of west coast fusion, it’d be worth a main side on its own. Just listen to both versions in this video, judge by your excellent selves and make your move accordingly.

DELAYED – IN STOCK w/c 22/4/24 – Pre-Order your copy now for delivery as soon as they arrive.

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U Need Me - Vocal


No. Track Preview

U Need Me - Instrumental


The L.A. Propinquity




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input date15th April 2024

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