Steve Mancha – That’s Why I Love You – 7″ Vinyl (Picture Sleeve) – LIMITED EDITION – IN STOCK NOW !!


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This one was recorded soont after Clyde Wilson (Steve’s actual name) left Motown to work with Don Davis after several troubled attempts to hit the charts with quite a few songs and performing combos. The incredible Don Davis was great proud jazz musician, record producer, label owner and an overall great entrapreneur not just in the music sector, as he was the first black banker America had ever seen at the time. Among his many talents Mr. Davis had the dream of blending the two most influencial sounds of the american sixties, the Memphis Sound of Stax (a label he worked with) and the Detroit Sound of Motown. To do so, in the late 60s he bought Detroit’s finest recording studio United Sound while working also with Muscle Shoals in Memphis to produce several of the more rhythmic tracks of some of his artists. At the dawn of ’66 Don Davis welcomed a disappointed Clyde Wilson after his multiple failures with Motown and pushed him to change his artist’s name in Steve Mancha as “see, Clyde Wilson ain’t really cutting the pie”. The demo take of “That’s Why I Love You” was recorded within the Detroit – Memphis workflow alongside several other cuts which never saw the light of the day. 


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That's Why I Love You


No. Track Preview

That's Why I Love You - Instrumental


That's Why I Love You - Reel Tape Demo


Steve Mancha




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