Saturday Night Band – Come On Dance, Dance (Dave Lee Remixes) – 12″ Vinyl – BACK IN STOCK NOW !!


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Unidisc 40th anniversary continues with a Saturday Night Band classic featuring brand new Dave Lee remixes!

“Come On Dance, Dance” is a disco funk track by the Saturday Night Band, originally released in 1978. The song features an upbeat tempo and groovy bassline, with brass and string sections adding to the lively and energetic vibe. The catchy chorus invites listeners to join in the dancefloor, with the lead singer’s soulful vocals urging everyone to let loose and have a good time. The song is a quintessential disco anthem, with its infectious rhythm and joyous spirit capturing the essence of the era’s dance music. “Come On Dance, Dance” has become a classic of its genre and continues to be a popular choice for parties and events.

Dave Lee, also known by his stage names Joey Negro and Jakatta, is a British DJ, remixer, and producer known for his contributions to the house, disco, and dance music scenes. Lee has been active in the music industry since the late 1980s and has released numerous singles and albums under his various aliases.

Throughout his career, Lee has been a champion of disco and funk music, often incorporating these genres into his productions and remixes. He is also known for his expertise in crate-digging and his extensive record collection, which he has used to source samples and inspiration for his music.


Track Listing


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Come On Dance, Dance (Dave Lee Disco Mix)


Come On Dance, Dance (Dave Lee Reprise)


No. Track Preview

Come On Dance, Dance (Dave Lee Instrumental)


Come On Dance, Dance (Edited Original Version)


Saturday Night Band




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input date2nd November 2023

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