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Rhythm Machine – Put A Smile On Time / Can’t Do Without You – 7″ Vinyl – BACK IN STOCK NOW – MAKE SURE YOU CHECKOUT THE FANTASTIC ‘B’ SIDE !!


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The Rhythm Machine formed in Indianapolis by former members of the Highlighters.  In the early days they were primarily a live act, playing locally and touring frequently. They opened for Earth, Wind and Fire and The Emotions, among others.

They released three 45’s and a full length LP during their time.  Two 45’s “The Kick” and “Brenda and Me/Put A Smile On Time” were on Lulu, while “Freakish Love/Whatcha Gonna Do” was on Rodan.  Their LP, released in 1976 towards the end of their run, was on Lulu.  With the Indianapolis soul scene marked almost exclusively by 45’s, this LP release was one of few released locally in the 1970’s, and it is quite scarce and in demand today.

The ’70s sometimes get a bad rap: Often these years are remembered as the musical era that brought us disco at its absolute gaudiest. But there was far more going on in the decade than polyester, sequins, and cocaine; the 1970s saw the rise of the singer/songwriter, the birth of punk rock, reggae’s infiltration of the mainstream and the long, strange trip led by some of psychedelia’s finest.

In fact, it’s a decade so musically diverse, yet this rare collection of tunes on Rhythm Machine’s INSIDE THE RHYTHM, emerges as most representative of popular “Black Music” of the times which is still very much listenable today. This classic re-release becomes important then as a musical landmark of the past for generations of today who would otherwise have been deprived of the experience. They would do well to take advantage of this listening opportunity.

The very first track, ‘It’s Time For Love’, pretty much sets the stage for what is to come on the rest of the album of twenty-two tracks. The band is tight, energetic, and orchestrally sound. Great instrumentality, horny horns, sweet vocal renditions, and funky rhythms. The bounce and the lyrics reflect the times. These attributes are consistent throughout the rest of the project.

Re-mastered, enhanced, and tweaked by producer/band member, Donald Harris on sax and vocals, the recordings maintain a sonic phatness that really comes to life on vinyl yet still thrives digitally. The result is an audio experience to be archived for generations to come. Your grandkids will thank you.


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Put A Smile On Time


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Can't Do Without You


Rhythm Machine




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