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Gospel-soul sensational Michelle David & The True-Tones return with brand new album “Brothers & Sisters“.

Dutch combo Michelle David & The True-Tones make a triumphant return with their new album “Brothers & Sisters“, which will be released next April 05 via Milan label Record Kicks. The awaited album follows their 2022 full length “Truth & Soul“, which was named one of the Albums of the Year at BBC Radio 6. Raised in New York in a church, Michelle David started singing at the age of four and joined her first group, The Mission of Love, when she was five. During her career, she toured the world with Broadway musical “Mama“, contributed to successful theatre shows such as “The Sound of Motown“, “Glory of Gospel” and “Mahalia” and recorded for artists such as Diana Ross and Michael Bolton. This all happened before releasingsix critically acclaimed gospel-infused albums with the True-Tones.

Michelle David & The True-Tones know how to put on a glowing evening of classic soul. With their upbeat grooves, powerful vocals, and strong melodies, they have already conquered many festivals and numerous clubs. Having played renowned Dutch festivals such as Pinkpop and North Sea Jazz, the band toured from Spain to Scandinavia, leaving memorable impressions wherever they play; delivering an unforgettable live experience. In addition, the band’s discography has also been praised; receiving an Edison nomination (the Dutch Grammy) for “The Gospel Session” in 2019, while their previous record “Truth & Soul” was named Album of the Month on FIP radio in France and Album of the Year at Craig Charles’ BBC Radio 6 Music show. The group did numerous radio and TV performances and were even invited to play their music on the biggest National TV show during the Winter Olympics 2022.

In the new album arguably their finest work to date – the band have once again masterfully captured the infectious energy and soulful vibe of their live performances in the studio. This band’s ability to seamlessly translate the raw, dynamic essence of their live shows into recorded tracks is a testament to their musical prowess and dedication to preserving the authenticity of their sound; rougher and more energetic than before, drawing inspiration from old gospel to the classics of the renowned Stax label.

Michelle David (vocals), Paul Willemsen (guitars, organ, percussion, backing vocals), Onno Smit (guitars and backing vocals) and Bas Bouma (drums, percussion) form a tight-knit unit that seamlessly blends their individual talents, resulting in the distinctive sound that defines Michelle David & the True-Tones. The band’s instrumentation, characterized by groovy basslines, and Michelle David’s powerhouse vocals, becomes a vibrant tapestry in the studio setting. The prominent addition of horns on the album brings a dynamic dimension to the songs, adding layers of texture and a sense of grandeur to the band’s already compelling sound. The meticulous production work – by Paul Willemsen and Onno Smit – ensures that every nuance of their live sound is captured.

The new record is recorded live – with the full band; simultaneously in one room, making it sound energetic, authentic, and captivating. The influence of early soul records is recognizable; drawing from the timeless sounds of Curtis Mayfield and Bobby Womack, Michelle David & the True-tones infuse their recordings with soulful melodies, impassioned vocals, and tight, rhythmic arrangements. This dedication to a collective studio experience contributes to the warmth and authenticity that defines Michelle David & The True-Tones’ new record; breathing new life into a genre while paying homage to its roots.

On “Brothers & Sisters” you’ll hear the distinctive sound and message of Michelle David & The True-Tones. The music on “Brothers & Sisters” encapsulates the band’s signature blend of soul, rhythm, and groove, elevating the album beyond a mere collection of songs to a resonant narrative. Michelle David & the True-Tones use their artistic platform to inspire positive change, encouraging listeners to join them on a journey of reflection, compassion, and collective responsibility. In a world filled with challenges, “Brothers & Sisters” emerges as a musical beacon, illuminating the path towards a future where the legacy of love and light endures.

Michelle David’s introspective liner notes provide a profound insight into the thematic core of the album, echoing the age-old question, “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” Her resounding answer, a vibrant “YES, I AM,” sets the tone for an album that goes beyond a mere self-absorbed journey, evolving into a collective exploration of “US & WE.” At the heart of “Brothers & Sisters” is a reflection on the world around us, acknowledging the multitude of challenges that demand immediate attention. Michelle David channels her observations of the world, drawn from various sources such as TV, radio, social media, and publications, into the album. Rather than turning a blind eye to the pressing concerns, she embraces the power of music as a medium of expression: “I decided to express it through the only medium I knew how: singing into the mirror and allowing the mirror’s light to reflect upon you.”

With “Brothers & Sisters” Michelle David & the True-Tones have crafted a sonic journey which resonates with the soulful spirit of their live shows, inviting audiences to groove along with them on a timeless musical voyage.


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Brothers And Sisters


That Is You


If You Don't Try


More Grace




Let Me Tell It






Cold Cold World


Little Girl


Sweet Spirit




Michelle David & The True-Tones




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