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Elements of Life brings a full on boogie disco tune with some 80s synth goodness. The backgrounds are provided by an all star cast of singers including Cindy Mizelle, Audrey Wheeler, Anané, Dawn Tallman, and Ramona Dunlap. The song is penned by Nico Vega, just at 19 years old writing lyrics with the soul of a person who’s been through various experiences in life. It isa statement song coming from an adolescent stating where we are in the world today with war, and encouraging all to stop fighting, “no more war”,“Let Us Shine Bright As Day”, “Let Us Find A Peaceful Way”, “Let Me Hear You Say”, these words are crying out to the world.

Remixes by Josh Milan on the Josh Milan Honeycomb versions, feeding us an early 80s tune reminding us of the seminal label West End Records. The Louie Vega mixes stay true to the Elements Of Life sound mixed with some Detroit bass groove and synth overtones. A bonus track also added to the release featuring Axel Tosca on keyboards is entitled “Los Tonos Sagrados” which means The Sacred Tones.This instrumental has the early afrobeat rhythm with Axel Tosca ripping through with an organ solo and snare hits accenting the drums and music.Take a listen and enjoy the sounds of “Let Us Shine” and “Los Tonos Sagrados” and it’ll sure to have you with your arms up and eyes closed singing along with the choon in no time!! Available soon at all streaming and digital outlets, with vinyl coming too!!


Track Listing


No. Track Preview

Let Us Shine (Josh Milan Honeycomb Mix)


Let Us Shine (Honeycomb Remix Instrumental)


No. Track Preview

Let Us Shine (Original Louie Vega Mix)


Los Tonos Sagrados ft. Axel Tosca


Elements Of Life Featuring Josh Milan




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input date21st May 2024

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