Zanini, Lemons & Cobby – Keep Flying – 7″ Vinyl – Pre-Order – In Stock Early October 2020



It was mid march and Italy was about to face what turned out to be a 4 months long pandemic lockdown. I remember I was in Uk that weekend when our government started to shut down the country progeressively and my area was among the first ones regulated by a strict nobody-in nobody-out rule. Short after China, Italy has been the first country to get involved in this massive international pandemic control effort, followed by Spain, Uk and Usa. At that time the information filtering out was uncertain, uncomplete to say the least. I really didn’t know whether I would have been allowed to come back home. Eventually I made it to return to Carpi, but I will never ever forget the atmosphere of doomsday I could breath and see everywhere I turned my head to. The only clear thought back then was that we needed to take it seriously, and at the same time find a way to survive the immobility, the despair and the sadness the prolongued isolation was starting to cast on us. Almost overnight we just stopped to see our families, our loved ones and our friends so the only thing we could do was to focus on how to get on with the job. Keep Flying is the result of all the above and involves artists and friends who kept in touch with eachothers doing things and streaming love through the finalization of projects in remote. Written and produced in between Chicago and Modena by myself and hip hop singer Biggz Lemons, remixed in Hull by Fila Brazilia’s hitmaker Maestro Steve Cobby, concept design “The Waveform”  by Andrea Vazquez Carneiro in Santiago De Compostela through her Escai new outfit and graphically engineered by Fabio Conti in Milan, this project gave us some means of survival and represents the true international spirit and culture of our labels. If you like it, please preorder it on our website to support those of us who are still struggling, especially Lay in Chi Town, who is not yet allowed to work as things in US ain’t looking good on so many levels. A few more projects finalised during these tough times will follow.

IN STOCK – Early October 2020 – Pre-Order your copy now for delivery as soon as they arrive.

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01. Keep Flying (Zanini & Lemons Tesla Beats) Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Keep Flying (Stevbe Cobby Lockdown Mix) Listen

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input date 3rd August 2020

Zanini, Lemons & Cobby




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