The Words of Wisdom – You Got Me Smiling / Just Another Face – 7″ Vinyl (Picture Sleeve) – LIMITED EDITION – IN STOCK NOW !!


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After the release of the charts hitter “Don’t Need Your Love” earlier this year it’s now time to follow up with the last two songs out of the reel to reel tape recorded by The Words at Talun & Trc Studios in Indianapolis in 1982. I feel I really need to explain what went on with the original recordings though. Please be patient and ber with me. A magnetic tape recorder is made basically by two parts, one electronic and one mechanical. I’ll leave the electronics out of this as it has no relevance here, to talk about what occurred with the mechanical, specifically with the “heads”, which are the most important part of the recording action. They are components to be treated with great care, especially when they need to be cleaned; their good condition strictly depends on the functioning of the entire recorder and – in part – also on the life of the tape. In this case the tape was found god knows where and played again exactly 40 years after the recording session, on a reeltape player which had good part the “heads” very damaged. The artists themselves transferred it on digital doing it with what they had on hand, that is basically nothing. It resulted in a stereo soundfile which had the right channel completely flat. Basically the music could be heard on the left ear only, full of that noise only a cheap and malfunctioning Akai could provide. It took a hell of a restoration to make this second release possible and we hope you will appreciate the undertaking well beyond the music, that is awesome on its own. Thanks to the first release we think you already know a lot about Herman Slaughter and The Words of Wisdom. For those who are new to these artists, this awesome band started earning some good popularity at the crossing of the seventies and eighties. Stable artists at the legendary Lamp – the so called “Naptown’s Motown” – these guys were part of the sparkling funk soul scene of Indianapolis alongside the likes of The Vanguards and The Fabulous Souls. Support The Words of Wisdom and bring home one of the last slices of original soul from Napptown’s legacy.


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You Got Me Smiling


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Just Another Face


The Words Of Wisdom




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input date20th July 2021

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