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Timeless in a way that few other acts today are, The Spinners are one of the most iconic and enduring groups in R&B history. With a towering legacy spanning over six decades, The Spinners have never lost their universal appeal. And now, they return with their first all-new original album in nearly 40 years- the aptly-titled, Round the Block and Back Again. Melding intricate harmonies with breathtaking vocal acrobatics, the album shows The Spinners at their soulful, multi-octave best. Timely yet timeless, Round the Block and Back Again is a triumphant return. From the classic jazz of “Show Me Your Heart” to the very relevant ode to love in the age of COVID, “Missing Your Embrace”. The 2021 Spinners navigate the sands of time as seamlessly-and smoothly-as ever. Preston Glass, the album’s producer, studied at the feet of Thom Bell- and it shows… He knows precisely how to make what’s vintage feel contemporary, and vice versa.


Track Listing

Disc 1

No. Track Preview
01. I'm In My Prime Listen
02. Cliché Listen
03. Bedroom Butta Listen
04. Missing Your Embrace Listen
05. Down For The Count Listen
06. So Much in Love Listen
07. Show Me Your Heart Listen
08. Vivid Memories Listen
09. Love Never Changes Listen
10. Leftover Tears
11. I'm Looking For My Baby Listen
12. Only Want You
13. In Holy Matrimony

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