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Comprised of vocalist and guitarist Zee Desmondes and musician Teddy Powell, the Newark, New Jersey-based duo linked up via a mutual affinity for hip-hop and funk and soul of the 60’s, ’70s, and ’80s, which led them to form a group inspired by those sounds.

Painted by a sound reflective of the city’s seaside soul, skate-funk punks and the Newark Jack Swing played from transistor radios and boomboxes placed on competitive window sills, The Jack Moves (Zee Desmondes, Teddy Powell) narrative is artfully carried out on the bands sophomore offering and Everloving debut, Free Money.

From the crummy and rude glory hole bandits of Newark’s Penn Station to the cherry blossom lovers found just north of the city, there is a thread that stitches these disparate elements. Kids run across the boulevard as the soundtrack wafts over the streets. The few bucks forked over to the pregnant lady down on her luck could be the same notes used to cop a flavorful bouquet for a romantic conquest. The triggerman’s itchy index is used both to spill rivals and thrill lovers. The Jack Moves are what this sounds like on wax.



Track Listing

Disc 1

No. Track Preview
01. Iceman
02. Three The Hard Way Listen
03. Lew Alcindor
04. You're Gonna Miss Me Listen
05. Penn Station
06. Looking For An Ice Girl
07. Nasty
08. Red Lights Listen
09. Money Clouds Listen
10. Sunshine Listen
11. Wantin You
12. Enough Is Enough
13. Free Money

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