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The Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign – 69 Cents / That is why – 7″ Vinyl – IN STOCK NOW !!


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The Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign hailed from Indianapolis and consisted of quite a few members.
With its early inception they were called Ebony Rhythm Band with some singles on Lamp records in 1969.
Over the years with many band member changes and falling outs The Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign was formed around 72/73.
The new band acquired a recording contract with Universal City, a subsidiary of major label MCA. The group released one self entitled Lp in 1973.
The group had some success but didn’t acquire any further recording time with MCA.
Band members Lester Johnson, Michael Woods and Pamela Tanner plus a few others went on to record a Billboard hit with “How’s your wife and my child” on Carl Davis Innovation ll record label in 1975.
An LP deal was negotiated which led to their 1976 Lp “Watchin’ you, watchin’ me” for Chi Sound records in 1976.
Super Disco Edits in conversation with Trombone player Michael Woods discovered an earlier Lp that was recorded and funded by the band during 1973/74
Michael had kept the studio reels and some 47 years later we finally helped him get them baked and transferred.
The A side later got released on the “Watchin you watchin me” LP but in 1976 they changed the song into a more disco funk polished version, the discovery of these 1973 reels captures a much more raw funk workout, which we feel is superior than the latter.
Flip over the single to what is a beautiful sweet soul ballad written and sung by Pam Tanner. The sparse nature of the production tenderness of Pams vocals has already caught the attention of some of the Firme lowrider kats on the West Coast.

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69 Cents


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That is why


The Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign





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