Sugarloaf Gangsters – Temarasa / Chor Gway – 12″ Vinyl – Pre-Order – DELAYED – In Stock Late June 2020



After a way long and overdue pause with music the Sugarloaf Gangsters duo is back again where they belong…on GAMM!

Mark & Cliffy aka Sugarloaf Gangsters have a long history with Brazilian and world inspired dance music and have that magic touch when it comes to spotting rare tunes that needs their signature rework style. 

The A side ‘Temarasa’ literally explodes from the first breakbeat with a big Brazilian funk-jazz monster, peak time music.
The flip is all about the drum! ‘Chor Gway’ is an African style percussive jam that’s got everything from crazy chants, sound efx and DJ friendly tempo changes. 

Another G.A.M.M sureshot !!

DELAYED – IN STOCK –  Late June 2020 – Pre-Order your copy now for delivery as soon as they arrive.

Track Listing


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01. Temarasa Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Chor Gway Listen

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input date 7th February 2020

Sugarloaf Gangsters




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