Split Evolution – Bedroom Eyes (Don’t You Know I Love You) / Let Me Do It – 7″ Vinyl – LIMITED EDITION (Previously Un-Issued) – BACK IN STOCK NOW – DON’T MISS THIS !!


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Written not to be a ballad neither to be a dancer “Bedroom Eyes” inevitably ended up being both, turning out to be what I consider the definitive love song. Soft basslines perfect for a ballad working brlliantly along a catchy drumming which anyone would likely mistake for an Enchantment groove. Man and Woman dueting like if they are actually laying in bed after a consuming day out and finding relief in each other’s presence. On the verses the man makes questions to which the woman, desperate for LOVE, answers in the choruses with the hidden prayer to stay together forever. All with mutual background voices and brass crescendos and strings pizzicatos couterpointing each others to make it a beautiful yet rough arrangement. PURE SOUL LOVE HEAVEN. Here you go with the release notes from the very own roadtrip chronicles of the man who discovered this beauty, our brother Dave Thorley.

Heralding out of Chicago, Split Evolution Band were a successful group around the Metro area for approximately six years until their break up in the early 1980’s. During this time they released two 45’s, one as Split Evolution and a later 45 as Three Phases Of Evolution, both being released on Jump Street records. These two releases book ended the time the group were together. The earlier release is a raw driving funk track, the second coming close to the end of their time together, more sophisticated and a ballad. A third and final release was planned, recorded and mastered. This then went to the pressing plant and a number of ‘test pressings’ done. But sadly before the full run was undertaken the project was cancelled and with time most were lost. So the story of ‘Bedroom eyes’ began. On record hunting trip in the early 2000’s Dave Thorley visit the ex-manager of the group and secure the remaining test pressing he had and brought it back to Europe, where over a number of years he played it on radio and at events around the continent. In time it became a firm dance floor favourite. Even more recently Alberto Zanini, who was after this song since the very first time Dave played it to him many many moons ago, whilst on a visit to Berlin met Dave at his home and secured a deal to release it for the 8th Anniversary of his glorious label Cannonball Records, so the track could be exposed to an even wider audience.


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Bedroom Eyes (Don't You Know I Love You)


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Let Me Do It


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input date8th August 2023

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