Sedsoul Volume 1 – The Singles Collection – Various Artists


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More classy soul / boogie flavoured productions from the Sedsoul stable of Rob Hardt and Frank Ryle.

In the fast days of the mp3 buzz and streaming, music has just got a second to grab your attention. For a lot of musicians it became a frustrating situation investing a lot of love & time into making their music. SedSoul decided to release every year a hard copy of their online singles from now on to support the industry. Since we are a little” old school”, we know our people appreciate it too. But for all the New school who prefer downloads and streaming don´t worry!, you will be pleased also. Get into the groove with Cool Million, RobHardt, Laura Jackson, Natasha Watts, Kiki Kyte, John Morales and many more soulful people.


Track Listing

Disc 1

No. Track Preview
01. Rob Hardt feat. David Tobin - Trying Listen
02. Mariama Ceesay - Think About You Instead (Cool Million Remix) Listen
03. Farina Miss - Stranger Listen
04. Laura Jackson - Don't Walk Away Listen
05. Cool Million feat. Janine Johnson - Do You Right Listen
06. Carreri & Macchiavelli feat. E. King - Hot Butterfly (Rob Hardt Rework) Listen
07. Dj Friction presents Ground Control feat. David Whitley - All Night Long
08. Kiki Kyte - Disco Chick (John Morales M+M Roller Boogie Mix) Listen
09. Ryle feat. Gregers - Busy Dreamin' (Rob Hardt Rework Short) Listen
10. Kitten & The Hip - Ain't No Other Man (Rob Hardt Rephunked Mix) Listen
11. Mothertune feat. Jay W. McGee - Perfection Listen
12. Diane Marsh - Love U Right (T-Groove Remix) Listen
13. Seest - All In The Name Of Love Listen
14. Natasha Watts - Go Slow Listen
15. Luman Child feat. Squala Orphan - Life Is Like A Cloud (Original Mix) Listen
16. Donald McCollum - Thin Line Between Love & Hate Listen

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Sedsoul Volume 1 – The Single Collection




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