Roland Johnson – Best Outta You / Ain’t That Loving You – 7″ Vinyl (Black) – LIMITED EDITION – Pre-Order – In Stock December 2021



Recorded inside of the latter’s Blue Lotus Recordings, Roland Johnson‘s “Best Outta You” is truly a collaborative affair between he and a pair of talented multi-instrumentalists, Kevin O’Connor and Paul Niehaus IV. All geared up to highlight the skills of the 71-year-old local soul legend. The recording, alongside the beautiful ballad “Ain’t That Loving You”, comes with a host of players and contributors outside of the core trio, many of them true local legends on their own. “Best Outta You” comes short after the release of the Long Player “Set Your Mind Free” and rides along the very same extremely positive vibes.
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Track Listing


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01. Best Outta You Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Ain’t That Loving You Listen

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input date 26th October 2021

Roland Johnson




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