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“A Life of Its Own” is a soul and R&B album, that might just become as timeless as a Bill Withers’ LP. The first single “Love Ain’t The Same” enjoyed success, winning the “Song of the Year” at the Estonian Music Awards in ’22. Straight to B-rotation on, “No Greater Love” was released secondly. Rita Ray’s sophmore album blends orchestral strings arranged by Miss Ray herself. Add a touch of Rhodes, Clavinet and a vintage sound that’s authentic yet contemporary. The production duties were taken on by Future Classics. “A Life of Its Own” will be out on CD, vinyl and digitally via Funk Embassy Records.

Since her début “Old Love Will Rust” in 2019, Rita Ray has enjoyed a steady rise on the contemporary soul scene. Her songwriting, voice and grand productions in studio as well as live setting are a thing of beauty. While spurring comparisons to the likes of Aretha Franklin, Bill Withers and Duffy, one can safely say she’s found her unique aesthetic. The small-town damsel’s got a way to make you go through joy and pain. It was recognized by the Estonian Jazz Awards, handing over the “Young Jazz Talent of the Year” accolade to Rita in 2021. The crown jewel of Estonian R&B and soul, with her first-class band, is guaranteed to provide a journey on tape or before a crowd.


Track Listing

Disc 1

No. Track Preview

Love Ain't the Same


No Greater Love


So Sweet


Ms. Steal-Your-Man, Pt. 1


Ms. Steal-Your-Man, Pt. 2


Sing It With Love


Needless To Say


Please Wait for Me


Rita Ray




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