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Rikki Aaron are a duo that hail from Bristol, Connecticut and are best known for their in-demand rare soul single ‘Say What’s On Your Mind,’ which saw release in 1980 on R.A.C. Records. The song was originally played by revered rare soul DJs  covered up as Larry Hobson and then much later on as D.Watson. Rikki released a total of three singles on R.A.C. Records during the 1980s before drifting away from the music industry until now and the release of this limited album.

Cordial Recordings are proud to release this album that features a collection of the singles, previously unreleased songs from the early 80s and newer recordings. The CD version includes three bonus songs including the original versions of ‘Say What’s On Your Mind’ and ‘For The Love Of Music.’ We believe that this album cements the Rikki Aaron legacy as an outstanding songwriter and performer of classic soulful songs.


Track Listing


No. Track Preview
01. For The Love Of Music (alternative take) Listen
02. I'm A Young Man Listen
03. The Dream Listen
04. Think Fast Listen
05. Brighter Day Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Say What's On Your Mind (alternative mix) Listen
02. Hey Girl Listen
03. Gigi Listen
04. Will You Listen
05. Save The World Part 1 Listen

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Rikki Aaron




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