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Patrick McLean is an r&b/soul vocalist, saxophonist, songwriter, arranger and producer, formerly a co-founder member of the Britfunk band Hi-Tension. After devoting the past two decades to family life he is back to the music, most recently as a co-founder member of The Brit Funk Association. “One Heart One Beat” is a collection of self-penned songs inspired by his life journey, with the exception of one tribute to his Hi-Tension days with a reworking of “There’s A Reason”, originally co-written and sung by the group’s David Joseph. Album features some of the best UK musicians.​

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Track Listing

Disc 1

No. Track Preview
01. Let's Dance
02. One Heart One Beat
03. Go Right On
04. Release Their Soul
05. Meet Me At The Crossroads
06. There's A Reason
07. What's Wrong
08. One Day My Baby
09. Release Their Soul (Smooth Jazz - Champagne Mix)
10. What's Wrong (Smooth Jazz - Champagne Mix)

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