Orpheus (Jarrod Lawson) – Visions – LP Vinyl – LIMITED EDITION


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VISIONS by ORPHEUS – Limited Edition Vinyl LP

IZIPHO SOUL RECORDS are truly blessed to represent the vinyl element of JARROD LAWSON’S pseudonym project, ORPHEUS –
A beautiful, bewitching, viby brew of acoustic & electronic elements, featuring lush, soulful vocal textures and elegant melodies.
The fine artwork of Jaquelyn Cruz has been recreated in all the glory of a 12 inch cover, with printed inner sleeve and ORANGE vinyl!

In Jarrod’s words – VISIONS, a non-lyrical album of all original music which has been carefully crafted and tailored to tease your senses and guide you thru a peaceful, spiritually enriching experience. I am truly honored and humbled to have been a creative conduit through which came this vivid tapestry of dreamy, visionary tales. The original concepts which gave birth to these compositions are, in my mind, not unlike “visions” which are imparted to shamans during traditional consciousness-altering ceremonies, and much like the healing that comes through the use of associated sacred plant medicines, my intention is for THIS MUSIC also to produce healing vibrations, to soothe, and be a sort of medicinal balm for your soul. I have chosen to release this under the pseudonym, Orpheus, whom was a legendary musician in Greek mythology known for his unique ability to charm the very animals and trees of the forest with the enchanting melodies he performed on his lyre. It was important to me that I create some division between Jarrod Lawson, the soul singer as I have come to be known, and Jarrod Lawson, the purveyor of alternative artistic pursuits, such as this. Essentially, an alias gives me artistic freedom to explore other creative territories and (hopefully) not alienate my fervent supporters, to whom I am most appreciative and grateful!


Track Listing


No. Track Preview
01. Arrival Listen
02. Nibiri Listen
03. Follow Me Listen
04. Phantasmagora Listen
05. Moon Halos Listen
06. Visions Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Ascension Listen
02. Gamma Soiree Listen
03. Sea Of Serenity Listen
04. Ode To Toby Listen
05. Reflection Listen
06. Lull Listen

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