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Melvin Davis – I’m The One That Loves You – 7″ Vinyl (Picture Sleeve) – IN STOCK NOW !!


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The original version sang by the writer of the song.

Never released on 7” before.

Let’s tell you a short story of how this came about and where we go from here.

Some time ago, we acquired a master tape from the Don Davis Collection of tapes, which was something I wanted for my personal collection and was more than happy to listen and enjoy the tracks in the comfort of my own record room. One of those tracks was an un­ released version of ITOTLY, by Melvin Davis, who wrote the track, later released by Darrell Banks.

Sometime later during a conversation with my good friend Jim O’Hara about the tracks’ history, it’s potential as a release, and the health issues that Melvin was going through, we both thought that if i could get the track released, it would be a great way to help Melvin with his mounting medical bills.

Knowing Jim was good friends with Melvin, I asked him if he would speak to him and hook me up with a view to a possible release. Jim happily agreed and a few days later, despite Melvin going through many health issues, I got a message from the great man. I called him that evening and we talked a for a good couple of hours and Melvin was more than happy to let me work on mastering the tracks and that we could sort out any paperwork, licensing etc. at a later date.

So, once the tracks were mastered and that was a mammoth task with the age and condition of the master tape, we were all happy with the results all things considered, Melvin and I sorted a licensing agreement that he was happy with, which for me was the of the upmost importance. So, after a couple of signatures and his licensing fees paid, we began to schedule the project.

With these ongoing health issues, it was around this time that a close friend of his in Detroit also started a “Go Fund Me” page to help with Melvin’s huge medical bills. We should remember that especially in the UK are very lucky that as part of our standard Tax and National Insurance contributions, medical treatment for pretty much every major illness is covered and you don’t wake up from major surgery with a hefty bill on your bedside table, and medical insurance seems like a very expensive mine field in the USA.

After another conversation with Jim and having now spoken within Melvin on a couple of occasions, I had made up my mind that I wanted to donate all profits from this upcoming Soul Direction release direct to Melvin. I subsequently spoke to him about my idea, and whilst he was blown away by my proposal, he was also very adamant that he would not accept any monies unless he knew for sure that i had covered all the costs involved, this is the kind of gentlemen he really is. I agreed and we worked together on that basis.

After a few conflabs with Jim and Melvin I decided to put a retail price on this release (and this one only) of £20, which would give Melvin a sizeable contribution to his ongoing medical expenses. Let’s face it, for this money, you are getting a limited press of a quality piece of unissued Detroit soul from the “Detroit Soul Ambassador” himself. In addition, with the kind help of Jordan Wilson who designed the wonderful promotional posters & record sleeves, we have a handful of autographed posters and white label TP’s which Jim got signed during his recent trip to see Melvin. These posters and TP’s will be given away free in a draw, where everyone who orders from the Soul Direction site in the first 7 days will be entered into

This is not about Soul Direction, this is about a true Detroit Soul Legend, and Legend is not a word to be used lightly, Melvin Davis is that legend and along with it, one of the true gentlemen left in this world.

So with the help of Jim, Jordan, and of course the DSA, Melvin Davis, I hope you like what Soul Direction have done for this special release, and I hope you get the warm feeling we are all getting from being a tiny part in helping a true giant who has graced our soul scene for most of the time we have been part of it.



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I'm The One That Loves You


No. Track Preview

I'm The One That Loves You (Instrumental)


Melvin Davis




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input date3rd July 2023

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