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Mat​/​Matix feat. Zyah Belle – Freakin’ (With You) / BOY DUDE – You Make It Strange – 7″ Vinyl


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Los Angeles-based artists Mat/Matix and BOY DUDE step to the platter on this split 7″, made specifically with summer vibes in mind, The A-Side, “Freakin’ (With You)”, is the single from Mat/Matix’s “On Lock” LP which introduces Northern California-based singer Zyah Belle, and delivers an anthemic chilled-groove RnB jam to make any situation soft and wet (Zyah is a member of the Kanye West Sunday Service Choir as well as a solo artist in her own right). The B-Side houses the brand new single “You Make It Strange” from BOY DUDE, a warped and mellow ballad, that praises and exalts off-kilter love bliss…the most RnB-ish jam from BOY DUDE to date.

Los Angeles native Mat/Matix has soaked up, breathed, internalized and reimagined the west coast sound…championing G- Funk Basslines, Wave-y Jazz & Hip Hop Feels, Boogie-Funk Street Sounds, Underground House parties and RnB jeep-beats to create his own sound to perfectly accompany the beach-lined West Coast of California. A studio sound engineer by trade, Mat/Matix has perfected an ultimate LA street LP, perfect for any throwback, club or classic ride cruising the streets with a proper system. Born and raised in the palm tree mecca known as Venice, California, Mat/Matix took to music as a youngster, playing guitar, bass and jazz piano. Inspired by his friends to take up music production, he dove into the realm of G Funk and west coast hip hop. Over the years he developed an ear for the array of synths and drum machines sampled in his favorite rap songs and discovered a world of mysterious vinyl and tape treasures. You can find him today hovering over dollar bins, in dope spots, and occasionally shuffling cards in the players club.

Multi-instrumentalist and Music Producer Jordan Chini armed with an array of guitars, basses, drum machines, and vintage synths has fused the spirit of lo-fi songwriting and psychedelia with the aesthetics of experimental funk and soul under his brand-new guise “BOY DUDE”. Sculpted using peculiar studio techniques, BOY DUDE music is mixed and rendered through a Tascam Portastudio 4 track recorder, granting the album a warm and classic tape compression vibe. As a result, there is a distinct mood and atmosphere to his music, which traverses seamlessly through many eras and styles of music, without any specific destination in mind.


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Mat/Matix ft. Zyah Belle - Freakin' (With You)


No. Track Preview

BOY DUDE - You Make It Strange


Mat​/​Matix ft. Zyah Belle / BOY DUDE




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input date15th September 2020

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