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Side A opens with the soul opus ‘Face To Face’ from Tommaso Cappellato and Kaidi Tatham, providing the deadly groove for Tiombé Lockhart to ooze her usual elegant vocals over, possibly the most symbolic piece of the project.
K15’s slow burner ‘White Sage’ is a nod to the early Mother Tongue days, leading to the collaborative jam ‘Blue Bird’ by Patrick Gibin alongside Tiombé, Kaidi and Tommaso. A boogie jam that could have been easily penned by Malavasi!
The flip side leaves space for the grittier and more electronic side of things, starting with the synth lead ‘Apollo 3000’ where Mark de Clive-Lowe lets loose. A space funk tune produced by Patrick and with Tommaso on acoustic drums. The mysterious producer 黒舌, who appeared out of nowhere with a series of limited EPs distributed by the label, brings a touch of rawness with the enigmatic ‘9’.
Closing the album is the joint effort of young talents Superfly and EDB with ‘Pressure’, a juicy bit of spatial warm electro.



Track Listing


No. Track Preview
01. Face To Face - Tiombé Lockhart, Kaidi Tatham, Tommaso Cappellato Listen
02. White Sage - K15 Listen
03. Blue Bird - Tiombé Lockhart, Kaidi Tatham, Tommaso Cappellato, Patrick Gibin Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Apollo 3000 - Mark de Clive-Lowe, Patrick Gibin, Tommaso Cappellato Listen
02. 9 - 黒舌 (Infectious Madness) Listen
03. Pressure - EDB & Gary Superfly Listen

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