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This is the second single taken from the forthcoming 3rd album by Lay-Far on his own label In-Beat-Ween Music!

“Be The Change” is both timely and timeless message, written in collaboration with one of the strongest soulful vocalists of the last 2 decades – Pete Simpson. It’s conscious, it’s spiritual, it’s political, it’s rebellious! Paraphrasing Gandhi’s favourite quote:

“Be the change you want to see in this world”, Pete Simpson addresses each and everyone of us, reminding a simple, yet powerful truth, while aided by the life-affirming uptempo disco-funk groove, produced by Lay-Far.

Acoustic version proves a universal formula – what a great song needs is a good voice and a guitar! Here Lay-Far teams up with his friend and long-time collaborator from Moscow – Andrei dbnn.

Together they come up with very simple yet rich and universally appealing arrangement, using just an acoustic guitar and Rhodes with gentle touches of acoustic strings and dub effects. The result is stunning! What you hear is a modern day ballad, uplifting and soothing!

The single comes packaged with an instrumental version of the track and a remix, produced by the Amsterdam-based hip-hop and house legend Kid Sublime!

His Subliminal Stripped Club Mix is taking things into melodic percussion-heavy hybrid-house direction, blending the influences of UK garage, jazzy and deep house as well as hip-hop. The groove is infectious!

Last but not least comes the bonus track “Sweet Mess” – an off-kilter dance number, mixing together jazz and dub influences in its unique one-off manner.

The track is beautifully melodic and lyrically reassuring, yet raw and pushy, with its’ focus on the live interaction between the rhythm section and soloing instruments: Rhodes and electric guitar, masterfully played by Lay-Far’s friends Phil Gerus and Andy Compton correspondingly. Spring is in the air!

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Track Listing


No. Track Preview
01. Be The Change (feat. Pete Simpson) - Original Listen
02. Be The Change (feat. Pete Simpson) - Lay-Far & dbnn Acoustic Version Listen
03. Be The Change (feat. Pete Simpson) - Instrumental Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Be The Change (feat. Pete Simpson) - Kid Sublime Stripped Club Mix Listen
02. Sweet Mess (Bonus Track) Listen

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Lay-Far feat. Pete Simpson




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