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Kim Tibbs, aka Alabama’s ‘Emerald Queen’ has been steadily building a fan base since her debut digital single “I Need You For Your Love” hit No.1 in the UK Soul Chart late last year. “Soul!” continued by hitting No.1 in the same chart this year and so securing the interest and demand for an album. Growing up in Huntsville, Alabama, Kim felt she lacked confidence until she discovered an interest in music and became a leading Hammond Organist, unusual to hear in a soul album. “Kim” is a celebration of that which makes her strong; a journey through her childhood to now in which she explores each poignant stage in her life. Inspired by Wilson Pickett, Janet Jackson, Al Green and more, influences of which can be heard on “Kim”. She says “This album is a live project that doesn’t utilise samples, metronome or other people’s trends; however it does pay homage to those by whom I’ve been influenced.  I hope others will find little gems here and there and return to the beginning as here is something very special here”. “I Need You For Your Love” became No.4 in the Top 100 songs of 2016 in the UK Soul Chart, her new single “My Better Side” released just ahead of “Kim”.


Track Listing

No. Track Preview
01. I Need You For Your Love Listen
02. Soul ! Listen
03. My Better Side Listen
04. Drifting Listen
05. For ! Listen
06. Move ! Listen
07. Come On By !
08. My Reason For Life ! Listen
09. Could I Make A Life With You? Listen
10. My Heart Belongs To You
11. A Building That'll Last
12. The River
13. Soul (Remix) Extended Dj Version Listen

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