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Kim Tavar’s second album ‘The Next Stage’ is filled with songs that bring forth a nostalgic vibe with smooth heartfelt R&B ballads, funky 80’s/90’s style mid-temp & up-tempo dance tracks that highlight Kim’s vocal range and clever songwriting skills.

All songs were written by Kim, with the exception of a well thought out re-make of the late Karin Jones’, 1982, rare groove track titled “Last Night”. Kim stated “I made sure to keep the original integrity of the song by not “over singing” but just adding the right touch of background/adlibs while keeping the song fresh!

From the first note of the intro to the end of the last outro, you will be pleasantly surprised by the final product. Being an independent artist, international singer/songwriter, and executive producer over her projects, Kim hopes you appreciate the dedication and countless hours that go towards creating a “work of art” that releases her deepest feelings to the world through music, whether it makes you laugh or cry, you will all be fulfilled!

YOU DON’T KNOW– Manny “The Realm” Rahelu, producer out of London, England.

“Remember the booming drum machine era from the 80’s? This track pay homage to those raw beats & simple yet effective synth sounds and with Kim’s sultry vocals, the track has a nostalgic feel to the days where music was less complicated and the artist ‘made’ the track”

AIN’T NO ONE – On the retro-futuristic midtempo groove ‘Ain’t No One”, Switzerland-based producer DJ Soulchild draws heavy inspiration from the mid-80’s Minneapolis sound of two of his personal heroes Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, as well as legendary acts such as The SOS Band, Klymaxx, Atlantic Starr and Cherelle, whilst still maintaining a modern freshness. Add Kim’s creative lyrics about a strong love connection comparing to our solar system, paired with an addictive melody and chorus and the result is a crossover radio smash that is sure to please 80’s Soul and Pop fans alike.

BEAUTIFUL & THE NEXT STAGE -Las Vegas based producer, Michael “Huggy” Carter “Reminiscent of the Super female vocalist of the 80’s i.e.: Phyllis Hyman, Deniece Williams, Anita Baker and so many more, I felt that the feeling and love stories had been long forgotten until I met Kim. She inspired me to get back into the studio to bring back the days of “Blue lights in the basement”.

CALL ME BACK/HOLD TIGHT/SHOUT OUT/LOST – Sweden based producers Jon “DJ More 10” Remneus, Magnus Ringborn & Gabriel Forsman – Jon – “Call Me Back was an idea because when it comes the 80s, I always listened to Kashif, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Magnus came in, built a pre chorus, bridge and added baseline and it just grew into what we always love, getting that 80s vibe.  Hold Tight was created by myself, starting with recreating a prince baseline and after that I did it to my own typical retro 80s synth vibe and the baseline is the key along with chords. Shout Out is a song that brings the 80s pop era back and we were inspired by “The Rhythm is Gonna Get You” 80s song by Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine with a little bit more pop 80s Vibe, just what Kim requested.

LOST– Simply speaks for itself, very heartfelt, sad but beautiful song. It was one of the first tracks Jon produced for Kim back in 2021. It is filled with so much emotion, that is was hard to finish the song without bursting into tears. With so many deaths of friends and family members in 2020 because of Covid, the song finally came together this year as almost a form of closure, about moving on, but not forgetting to grieve, which made sense to add the track to this album since it is titled “The Next Stage”.

HARMONY – Produced by Wyzon “El Papaupa” Brockton, MA – The Harmony track was inspired by sounds from the 80s, the drums are programmed 808 styles with bells, kicks and snares. The bass is a funk style created with analog sounds using the Moog Sub37. The rhythm melodies, leads and chords were also analog synthesizers like the Roland Fantom G series and the Yamaha Motif giving it that 80s feel. Together with the talent Kim Tavar’s lyrics and catchy hook, we recorded the spelling of “H.A.R.M.O.N.Y.” with local neighborhood children’s voices to give that sentimental touch to the song.

Welcome to The Next Stage!

‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”

William Shakespeare


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You Don't Know


Call Me Back


Ain't No One


Hold Tight


Last Night








Shout Out


Next Stage


Kim Tavar




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