Joe Graham – Higher Than High / John Edwards – It’s Got To Be The Real Thing For Me – 7″ Vinyl – IN STOCK NOW !!


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In stock

The recent find of four Joe Graham recordings in the GRC/Aware tapes has shown there was much more to Joe’s talents than the southern soul of his 60s Chant recordings and the synthesiser, electro pop he recorded for various Atlanta labels in the 80s. ‘Higher Than High’ is a soulful disco number featuring a relentless beat. The track already has a strong following, thanks to advance plays in Europe and the UK from DJ Dave Thorley. This track, along with three other numbers, were recorded around 1976 for the GRC stable – just as the company was floundering so badly that the songs were left as unmixed multi-track tapes.  Now mixed the demand for this one will be high.

We’ve taken the opportunity of including another excellent, unreleased at the time, recording from the revered John Edwards. ‘It’s Got To Be The Real Thing For Me This Time’ is an uptempo Sam Dees song, unheard until the 1990s release of the first batch of GRC/Aware tapes.


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Joe Graham - Higher Than High


No. Track Preview

John Edwards - It's Got To Be The Real Thing For Me


Joe Graham / John Edwards




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input date21st August 2023

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