Jeb Loy Nichols – Can’t Cheat The Dance / We Gotta Work On It – 7″ Vinyl – IN STOCK NOW !!


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In stock

Straight out from the green hills of the Welsh countryside comes Jeb Loy Nichols, the newest sensation in Timmion’s growing roster of soul-fuelled vocalists. And we certainly have a double sider of the highest calibre on offer. A seasoned and versatile music scene veteran with a major label past, Jeb has everything it takes to polish Cold Diamond & Mink’s rough grooves into shining gems.

The A side gives us a rolling southern-style soul banger, which the Wyoming-born singer attacks effortlessly with his praise for an honest dance. Jeb’s talent for clever song writing shines through in the lyrics which connect to our current reality, where truth has become an endangered species. The slower flip side kicks off with a Sunday afternoon worthy duo of organ and acoustic guitar before Jeb shows us how a story is weaved from minimalistic ingredients. From the rural beginnings to pastoral hardships, he lays it all bare for the listener.

In addition to this single, Jeb and Cold Diamond & Mink have a whole album of soulful gold dropping later this year. Make sure to be there to catch it when it drops.


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Can't Cheat The Dance


No. Track Preview

We Gotta Work On It


Jeb Loy Nichols




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input date6th May 2021

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