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Looks like we are hittin’ a milestone here. A little background has to be provided though, in order everyone to fully understand why it took us that long to put out this Album, which was already announced at the dawn of 2020. The ELECTRIFIED project started almost 2 (TWO) years ago, with the first vocal takes recorded a few days ahead of Cannonball Weekender in November 2019. Everything seemed fine and in good working order so the release date was planned and announced for june 2020. All self financed, self conceived and self realised in that style that’s a point of distinction of our small group of labels. Then the CVD damn thing kicked in. “So What?” some of you would be very entitled to ask. And, believe me, I’d be on the very same #sowhat lines as you, only that each member of our team reacted to the shitstorm in his very different and individual way. While folks all over the world were confined home setting up new ventures, creating new labels and dedicating themselves to something productive not to get psychologically annihilated by the media induced fear, our project was totally disrupted instead. It took the first wave to fade away to gather our stuff together and movin’ the production forward. Anyway, whatever the reasons, the album came ready and mixed by march 2021. So here we are. Further than the two acclaimed singles “Break Free” and “Sitting On Top Of The World, the tracklist includes 6 completely new songs, a smashing cover of Massive Attack’s “Unfinished Sympathy” and the rearrangement of the two classics “There Are No Winners” and “Mother Got A Way”. The style goes from modern funk experimentation to a more classic soul and a groovy electronic ender foreseeing the future of this beautiful music.
Jay himself has written these beautiful lines to address the need of moving forward, whatever the circumstances:
“My brother (not by blood but love) said to me once ,”Jay, mi brethren, over di years I’ve known you, me come tuh realize dat you are a wealthy man. It amazes me, di wealth you’ve acquired in such a short life.” It took me a quick moment to follow…. I must admit, I have been truly blessed throughout my life. The spirits have indeed shown me favour. I am also well aware that I can’t take full credit for the adventures, accomplishments and progression I have experienced in my lifetime. As I take account, there’s always been a person(s) at every pivotal moment in my life that has been there to lend a hand in some form or another. Whether it was that time I was heartbroken, homeless, hitting that game winning shot, releasing my first album or stepping onto the theatre stage for the first time, I know without a doubt the spirits sent someone my way. I can and do however take credit for my unpredictable yet calculated zeal and willingness to change directions, try new things. That being said, I have come to the realization that I should never under any circumstance take anything nor anyone for granted, which leads me to express my utmost gratitude to each of you. Even if today is the first time you’ve come to hear the name Jason “Jay” Nemor Harden, thank you for taking the time to read these words. FORWARD MOTION…



Track Listing


No. Track Preview
01. Where I Come From Listen
02. There Are No Winners Listen
03. Unfinished Symphony Listen
04. Break Free Listen
05. Mama Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Alive Listen
02. Sitting On Top Of The World Listen
03. Useful Listen
04. Mother Got A Way Listen
05. Where I Dub From (Alberto's Groove) Listen

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Jay Nemor




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