Jay Nemor and Electrified – There Are No Winners


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Well what can I say. It was about time. Max, Dave and myself are proud to introduce you to our new little outfit, Tesla Groove International Recordings, a place for young contemporary soul artists. We are also amazed to set it off to a good start with a great debut single. Lyrics penned by Jason Nemor Harden and ten-hands arranged by Electrified, which is the full base quintet of Tesla’s musicians plus yours truly, and from now on established as a band itself, producing its very own sound as well as providing backing and arrangements to present and future artists. We spent the whole 2017 listening to what Jay have produced with different collaboations and we liked them all. We liked them at the point we invested a lot of time with him and in between us to decide what the best way to give justice to his supreme baritonal voice. Jason signed with Tesla earlier this winter with a few singles and an album on sight and honestly we are very happy because the cooperation set off on a good foot since Day One, both when having him here in the studio and working with him in remote.

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01. There Are No Winners (Vocal) Listen


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01. There Are No Winners (Instrumental) Listen

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input date 21st June 2018

Jay Nemor & Electrified




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