Jay Nemor And Electrified – Sitting On Top Of The World – 7″ (Picture Sleeve) Vinyl (Aqua Crystal) – LIMITED EDITION – Pre-Order – In Stock LateApril 2020



The second single from the forthcoming album “Break Free” finally sees the light of the day on Tesla Groove International Recordings through a beautiful video by Max Cavalli Cocchi who has put on images the real meaning of the song. As Jason says: “In our society addiction is something most of us, if not all of us, have to deal with. Directly or indirectly. Some times this addiction is to the detriment of ourselves, at times others, and at times both. Amongst the many addiction there’s the worse of them all: MONEY! How much is enough? When is it too much? No one person should be expected to save the world but, If you have more money than a man could ever spend in a lifetime, then the people on your team should not struggle to afford the necessities of life while working full time”. Of course we all know that this is called “system” but many of you will agree with me we could add the word “failing” to it. With this song we celebrate Davide Salzano entering the team with his Fender Precision and VideoMax at the graphic controls. Huge thanks to anyone contributing to the making of this release, let’s celebrate the failure all together “SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD”!

300 copies pressed on a beautiful AQUA CRYSTAL VINYL


IN STOCK – Late April 2020 – Pre-Order your copy now for delivery as soon as they arrive.

Track Listing


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01. Sitting On Top Of The World (Vocal) Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Sitting On Top Of The World (Instrumental)

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input date 5th March 2020

Jay Nemor & Electrified




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