Jay Nemor and Electrified – Mother Got A Way – 7″ Vinyl


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Well, 2018 has been quite tough on so many levels. We have been working hard in different directions and Tesla Groove International Recordings has always been at the center of the focus, although we didn’t put out as much records as we would have loved to. There are multiple reasons why the output has been that slow, so my bean Dave and myself have decided to go through each and all of them in order to solve the problem. We needed to cut some unproductive ties with people that took our kindness for weakness, and I personally felt the need to improve the quality of some key steps of the process. So, welcome change! The result is the set up of a whole new production team, that still counts on the cooperation of our historical drummer Cesare Barbi (thank you my friend) and guitar maestro Richi “the Kid” Landini (do me the yellow sound please) but involves now a few different and more professional contributors. I’m mainly talking about Luca Zannoni who has joined the arrangement patrol in full service, Davide Rossi, top level bass player and from now on in charge of all the final mixing at both Cannonball Records and Tesla Groove International Recordings and, last but not least , we welcome onboard one of the most powerful and professional brass sections ever stepped onto an Italian stage, Corrado Terzi and Enrico Guastalla. All of us have been at work in the studio during the past Christmas festivities because we wanted to set the new year off to the very best start. Jay Nemor keeps on writing heartfelt lyrics and we at Tesla are committed to give justice to such an amazing talent. So, here is the next one TSL002 Jay Nemor and Electrified “Mother got a way” and the very first production from the new team. If we humans are not able to quit the shit we are building around us since centuries, then Mother Nature herself will be takin’ over for the sake of her own survival. This release, like the first one from the man, is committed to fund the production of Jay’s first album next year so big thanks to each and all of you for pushing it as much as possible.

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01. Mother Got A Way - Vocal Listen


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01. Mother Got A Way - Instrumental Listen

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input date 8th January 2019

Jay Nemor & Electrified




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