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First Single out from Jay Nemor And Electrified album BREAK FREE  is now available for preorder. It’s finally gettin real. A project that took on its first uncertain steps a couple of years ago is now in its final phase. This is the first single out of a body of compositions which will be released in its entirety in March 2020 as the first album of Jay Nemor And Electrified Break Free (out LP/DIGITAL/CD 31.03.2020). As we are use to do with all the music we put out, I think this production requires some background notes which are possibly more necessary for this one than any other before. The album will present a tracklist of 9 songs, to include 7 completely new compositions, 2 rearrangements / remixings and 1 MASSIVE cover. Some of the songs have been carefully selected over the past year out of brother Nemor’s demo archives that is pretty thick I dare to say (yes, he is one of those artists that write lyrics even when they sleep), some are completely new and a couple of others you already know but will be presented in different cuts. My man Fabio Conti is heads down to craft beautiful album cover and labels, the studio is heated and cozy and Jay will land tonight in Bologna to a long week of recording sessions of the final vocal takes. Meanwhile we are all bracing for impact of Cannonball Soul Weekender & Strike! Alldayer 2019 which takes off this upcoming thursday and will have Jay performing live (PA) on the saturday and djs from the 4 corners of the world. What is more important is that this project is coming to life thanks to a huge experiment which we can easily define as the first attempt of co-op production and to me it means a dream comin’ true. Musicians, Authors, Sound Engineers, Recording Studio Owner, Record Label and all involved (we are talking a dozen folks) won’t be paid for sessions, studio time or anything “production related”, which are the investment that everyone throw into the project in different measures pertaining to the single responsabilities within the developement. All of them are highly skilled professionals that worked at the highest levels of the industry in the past 20 years, and all of them are backing up the project for the great trust in the whole thing. More than anything else they are all in for the love of the music we do. As you can imagine, and a few of you well know, doing an album from scratch is totally another thing from doing a single, not just because of the multiple productions but mainly because of all the side actions that become mandatory when it comes to promote the product in order to achieve the level of success we all believe it deserves. We are 100% independent, we have no major distribution, we have no webmasters or designers, no communication or social media team, no spotify experts or itunes wizards, so this first single will go funding all the paid promo activities we are about to put on for the album, uk press office, radio plugging , you name it. As a form of respect to “our scene” this one is out in a particular mix, on a gold crystal vinyl to every one, and won’t be included in the album which will bear a different mix soundwise that won’t be released on a single 7”. I’d consider this release something very exclusive to the soul people.

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01. Break Free (Vocal) Listen


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01. Break Free (Instrumental)

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Jay Nemor & Electrified




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