Jalen Ngonda – Just Like You Used To / What A Difference She Made – 7″ Vinyl – Pre-Order – In Stock 14/10/22



Presently residing in the UK, Jalen grew up just outside of Washington D.C.. At the tender age of 11 Jalen’s father introduced him to the joys of soul music, of which he soaked up like a thirsty sponge, guiding him on the path to become the remarkable artist that he is today.

With this inaugural single Jalen delivers two sides of mid-tempo magic that will make you feel his Motown roots rather than wearing them on his sleeve. ‘Just Like You Used To’ drops with groove and vibe in equal measure, providing the perfect foundation for Jalen’s vocals to soar. ‘What a Difference She Made’ digs deeper with the accompaniment of a lush string arrangement and plaintive vocal Jalen makes you feel every syllable down your bones.

A sure-shot single poised to propel Jalen to the front of the pack.

IN STOCK – 14/10/22 -Pre-Order your copy now for delivery as soon as they arrive.

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01. Just Like You Used To Listen


No. Track Preview
01. What A Difference She Made Listen

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input date 21st September 2022

Jalen Ngonda




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