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I met Kenneth Henderson and Alfonso Jones almost two years ago after searching for these guys for many years.
I proudly re-released two remastered version of I’m Gonna Get Ya on Epsilon EPS003 on February 28, 2021.
I have built a real friendship with these two fantastic guys and musicians.

It was Alfie & Ken’s dream to one day be able to get back in the studio and record more music and who knows one day get back on stage together.

So I decided to make it happen and financed the whole project.

I booked M.V.P studio (owned by Stan Travis the bother of my good friend El Willie aka William Travis from Nobody’s Children) in West Palm Beach FL, who organised the entire session and booked studio musicians for this project.

Alfie headed to Jacksonville FL to meet Ken for a week of rehearsal and lots of brandy. They travelled to meet El Willie for a one day session and recorded these two amazing tracks.

Now their success is in your hands

Please show your appreciation and support their brand new music!


Track Listing


No. Track Preview
01. Picture Of Love Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Can You Feel My Vibes Listen

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Henderson & Jones




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