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3 x Mixed CD Album – 45 tracks.

UK three CD set. Melvo Baptiste steps up to mix his second Glitterbox compilation, Pump The Boogie, featuring the upfront disco heat that has been setting off the dancefloor all summer at Glitterbox parties in New York, Amsterdam, London and Ibiza. Pump The Boogie reflects the sounds of the Theatre, moving from the joyful ’80s and ’90s sounds of The Emotions ‘Turn It Out’ and Kathy Brown ‘I Appreciate’ through modernized classics like Sister Sledge ‘Got To Love Somebody’ remixed for 2018 by disco maestro Dimitri From Paris. More so than ever this edition has a heavy focus on the latest upbeat dancefloor killers from the last 12 months, like Selace ‘So Hooked On Your Lovin’ (Mousse T.’s Extended Disco Shizzle) and Gershon Jackson presents Reset Preset ‘Hands Together’ (House of Omni Hands Together Extended Club Mix), the exceptional new release from the Glitterbox imprint. Demonstrating what Glitterbox does best, ‘Pump The Boogie!’ explores authentic dance music enhanced by live instrumentation. Melvo’s Pump The Boogie! Beckons you to the dancefloor once again with a truly stomping, timeless compilation.


Disc: 1

  1. Never Stop (Feat. N’Dea Davenport) [Morales Extended Mix] – The Brand New Heavies
  2. Take Me to the Top – Advance
  3. Turn It Out – The Emotions
  4. Catch the Beat (Dimi & Mousse T’s Old School Mix) – T-Ski Valley
  5. Don’t Bring Me Down (Copyright Main Mix) – Lisa Millett
  6. Doug’s Disco Theme – Doug Willis
  7. Can’t Seem to Hide (Feat. Megan Doherty) – Bosq
  8. No Price (Feat. Chromeo & Al-P) [Art of Tones Extended Disco Mix] – Slam Dunk’d
  9. Home (Original) – Julie McKnight
  10. Lost Without U (Feat. Paris Grey) [extended] – Hifi Sean
  11. Hit It Off (Feat. Teni Tinks) [extended Disco Version] – Qwestlife
  12. Dust (Dimitri from Paris Vs Cotonete Discomix) – Gizelle Smith
  13. Thank You (MAW 12″ Mix) – BeBe Winans
  14. Just Do You (Feat. Mara Tk) – Lord Echo
  15. You’re My (Feat. Liv East) – Sticks & Stones
  16. Deja Vu (Feat. Latanza Waters) [original Vibe] – E-Smoove


Disc: 2

  1. So Hooked On Your Lovin (Mousse T.’s Extended Disco Shizzle) – Selace
  2. Già Dell’empio Tiranno – DJ Mes
  3. Hold Me (Feat. Ella) [original Mix] – Mattei & Omich
  4. Hands Together (House of Omni Hands Together Extended Club Mix) – Gershon Jackson presents Reset Preset
  5. Losing You (Original Mix) – David Penn
  6. Got to Love Somebody (Dimitri from Paris 12″ Version) – Sister Sledge
  7. I Feel (DJ Spen Disco Dreams Re-edit) – DJ Spen & Ann Nesby
  8. Lovers Change Minds (Hot Toddy Extended Remix) – Ilija Rudman
  9. Erotic Tendencies (Feat. Desmond ‘DSP’ Powell) [extended Club Mix] – Lee Curtiss
  10. Church Lady (Feat. Danil Wright) [original] – Dennis Ferrer
  11. Just Once More (Extended Mix) – Juan MacLean
  12. Loubar’s Stars (Accapella) [feat. Queen Rose] – Armless Kid
  13. I Can Show You (Better Than I Can Tell You) [Phonk D Edit] – First Choice
  14. You Can Make It (Ron Carroll’s Original Mix) – Shawn Christopher
  15. I Know a Place (E-Smoove Club Mix) – Kim English


Disc: 3

  1. I Appreciate (BC’s Anthem) – Kathy Brown
  2. Give It Back (Feat. Joy Malcolm) [original Mix] – Sergio Flores
  3. Testify (Mousse T.’s Test-a-dub) – Urban Blues Project presents Jay Williams
  4. The Organ Track (The Other House Mix) – Brian Tappert
  5. Power of Music (Accapella) [feat. An-Tonic] – Bongoloverz
  6. Madan (Martin Solveig Exotic Disco Mix) – Salif Keita
  7. Move Or Not – Purple Disco Machine
  8. Disk Two – Oeil Cube
  9. It’s Yours (Feat. E-Man) [accapella] – Jon Cutler
  10. Body Funk – Purple Disco Machine
  11. The Day (Feat. Michelle Weeks) [Alaia & Gallo Remix] – Bobby D’Ambrosio
  12. Wanna Feel It (Extended Mix) – Black Loops & Innocent Soul
  13. I Got You (Feat. Bryan Chambers) [club Mix] – Mekkah
  14. Stomp Your Feet (Hot Toddy Instrumental) – Joey Negro
  15. Pump the Boogie (Feat. Fondue) [Basstoy Boogie Mix] – Mark Picchiotti
  16. Dance (Special 12″ Disco Mix) – Paradise Express

Track Listing

Disc 1

No. Track Preview
01. The Brand New Heavies feat. N'Dea Davenport - Never Stop (Morales Extended Mix) Listen
02. Advance - Take Me To The Top Listen
03. The Emotions - Turn It Out Listen
04. T-Ski Valley - Catch The Beat (Dimi's & Mousse T.'s Old School Mix) Listen
05. Lisa Millett - Don't Bring Me Down (Copyright Main Mix) Listen
06. Doug Willis - Doug's Disco Theme
07. Bosq feat. Megan Doherty - Can't Seem To Hide Listen
08. Slam Dunk'd feat. Chromeo & Al-P - No Price (Art Of Tones Extended Disco Mix) Listen
09. Julie McKnight - Home (Original) Listen
10. Hifi Sean feat. Paris Grey - Lost without U (Extended) Listen
11. Qwestlife feat. Teni Tinks Hit It Off (Extended Disco Version) Listen
12. Gizelle Smith - Dust (Dimitri From Paris vs Cotonete Discomix) Listen
13. Bebe Winans - Thank You (MAW 12" Mix) Listen
14. Lord Echo feat. Mara TK - Just Do You
15. Sticks & Stonez feat. Liz East - You're My
16. E-Smoove feat. Latanza Waters - Deja Vu (Original Vibe) Listen

Disc 2

No. Track Preview
01. Selace - So Hooked On Your Lovin (Mousse T.'s Extended Disco Shizzle)
02. Dj Mes - Da Change (Miguel Migs Salty Rub)
03. Mattei & Omich feat. Ella - Hold Me (Original Mix) Listen
04. Gershon Jackson presents Reset Preset - Hands Together (House Of Omni Hands Together Extended Club Mix)
05. David Penn - Losing You (Original Mix)
06. Sister Sledge - Got To Love Somebody (Dimitri From Paris 12" Version) Listen
07. Dj Spen & Ann Nesby - I Feel (Dj Spen Disco Dreams Re-Edit) Listen
08. Llija Rudman - Lovers Change Minds (Hot Toddy Extended Mix)
09. Lee Curtiss feat. Desmond 'DSP' Powell - Erotic Tendencies (Extended Club Mix)
10. Dennis Ferrer feat. Danil Wright - Church Lady (Original) Listen
11. Juan MacLean - Just Once More (Extended Mix) / Armless Kids feat. Queen Rose - Loubar's Stars (Accapella)
12. First Choice - I Can Show You (Better Than I Can Tell You) (Phonk D Edit) Listen
13. Shawn Christhopher - You Can Make It (Ron Carroll's Original Mix) Listen
14. Kim English - I Know A Place (E-Smoove Club Mix) Listen

Disc 3

No. Track Preview
01. Kathy Brown - I Appreciate (BC's Anthem Mix) Listen
02. Sergio Flores feat. Joy Malcolm - Give It Back (Original Mix) Listen
03. Urban Blues Project present Jay Williams - Testify (Mousse T.s Test-A-Dub) Listen
04. Brian Tappert - The Organ Track (The Other House Mix) / Bongoloverz feat. An-Tonic - Power Of Music (Accapella)
05. Salif Keita - Madan (Martin Solveig Erotic Disco Mix)
06. Purple Disco Machine - Move Or Not
07. Oeil Cube - Disk Two / Jon Cutler feat. E-Man - It's Yours (Accapella)
08. Mighty Mouse - The Spirit (Extended Mix)
09. Purple Disco Machine - Body Funk
10. Bobby D'Ambrosio feat. Michelle Weeks - The Day (Alaia & Gallo Remix)
11. Black Loops & Innocent Soul - Wanna Feel It (Extended Mix)
12. Mekkah feat. Bryan Chambers - I Got You (Club Mix) Listen
13. Joey Negro - Stomp Your Feet (Hot Toddy Instrumental)
14. Mark Picchiotti presents Fondue - Pump The Boogie (Basstay Boogie Mix)
15. Paradise Express - Dance (Special 12" Disco Mix)

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Glitterbox – Pump The Boogie!




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