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Gizelle Smith’s second full length LP ‘Ruthless Day’ is the sound of a dynamic artist expanding her horizons from the classic aesthetic of her debut to explore a new brand of progressive modern funk. It’s an exciting record that still retains all of the energy and intrigue of her earlier works but builds out her musical palette to incorporate more psychedelic and jazzy progressions, bold arrangements and adventurous instrumentation.

Expansive and exhilarating, the record ranges from delicate honey dripped soul through psychedelic funk freakouts, complete with strutting beats and emotive lyrics. Gizelle’s energy and personality are undeniable and both shine through in every track on the record.

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Track Listing

No. Track Preview
01. Dust Listen
02. Hero (feat. Eric Boss) Listen
03. Scared Of Something Listen
04. Love Song Listen
05. Sweet Memories Listen
06. Around Again Listen
07. S.T.A.Y. (feat Eric Boss) Listen
08. Ruthless Day Listen
09. Hey Romeo Listen
10. Twelve Listen
11. Amen Listen

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Gizelle Smith




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