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Gillespie & Co. feat. Dolly James – Keep On Doin’ What.. (Original Take) / Keep On Doin’ What.. (Alberto’s Groove) – 7″ Vinyl – LIMITED EDITION – IN STOCK NOW !!


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In stock

Not that Gloucester’s finest Andrew Gillespie needs any introduction, yet we need to talk a little about Dolly James, the great singer featured in this song. Dolly and Andrew met at a local recording/rehearsal studio in 2012 or 2013 where Dolly was rehearsing with her then band Soular UK. Andrew  joined them on congas/percussion for a one off gig in Cheltenham and wasted no time in asking Dolly do the vocals  for  a song that he had just written ( Keep On Doin’ What Your Doin’ ) which was influenced by the Salsoul records disco sound and may take on that style. Andrew Gillespie started off recording as The Aries Vibration ( one self released 45)  in 2009 then Gillespie & Co ( various 45 releases, La Glosta Nostra (one 45 release) as well as doing session musician work for labels from California to Switzerland and UK (Discgogs for full history ). Dolly has had a long and successful career as backing singer for the likes of Matt Bianco, Van Morrison, Mick Hucknall and many others. Tesla’s very own Alberto has additionally produced the flipside.

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Keep On Doin' What You're Doin' (Original Take)


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Keep on Doin' What you're Doin' (Alberto's Groove)


Gillespie & Co. feat. Dolly James




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input date23rd November 2022

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