Gerardo Frisina meets Toco – Ta Na Hora / Craque – 12″ Vinyl


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“Frisina meets Toco” is the result of the artistic union of two main Schema Records’ characters, Gerardo Frisina and Toco, spontaneously born from many listening sessions of Brazilian music LP’s. The music contained in this 12″ record stands in the middle between Rio and Bahia, merging together the Brazilian rhythmic culture and groove (Toco) with the modern sound of clubbing latin jazz (Frisina), and it’s also enriched by the presence of the young pianist and composer Vitor Araújo and his peculiar signature style, particularly apparent in the instrumental version of the song “Craque”.

Track Listing


No. Track Preview
01. Tá Na Hora Listen
02. Tá Na Hora (Instrumental) Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Craque Listen
02. Craque (Instrumental) Listen

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input date 24th October 2019

Gerardo Frisina meets Toco




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