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Over the past two years Full Flava, led by UK producer/songwriter Rob Derbyshire, have released a series of well received remixes of key songs from their 20-year history. Working with a stellar line-up of US and UK female vocalists – including CeCe Peniston, Chantay Savage, Carleen Anderson, Donna Gardier and Incognito’s Joy Rose – they cover a wide range of styles from Latin to disco, soulful house to soul-jazz. “Refreshed” is a 2CD collection of remixes together with new recordings like “Get Down Saturday Night”, a new take on an Eighties club favourite, with a powerful soul vocal from Chantay Savage, and Rod Temperton’s “Love X Love” featuring Izzy Chase, with a Latin-flavoured mix by Incognito.
Among the most streamed Full Flava recordings are “September”, also featuring Chantay Savage, remixed by Sunlight Square; “You Are The Universe” featuring CeCe Peniston, remixed by Michele Chiavarini; “Was That All It Was”, a disco era favourite featuring Carleen Anderson, given the soulful house treatment by Micky More and Andy Tee; and the Stevie Wonder composition “Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me”, with Donna Gardier on vocals. Blue Lab Beats bring a soul-jazz twist to “Stories”, featuring Carleen Anderson.

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Track Listing

Disc 1

No. Track Preview
01. Was That All It Was (Micky Moore And Andy Tee Remix) feat. Carleen Anderson
02. Too Much Too Late (Nigel Lowis Philly Remix) feat. Dee Johnson
03. Bad Habit (Gil Cang Remix) feat. Keli Sae
04. Make It Right (Incognito Remix) feat. Donna Odain
05. Stories (Blue Lab Beats Remix) feat. Carleen Anderson
06. Love X Love (Incognito Remix) feat. Izzy Chase
07. September (Sunlight Square Remix) feat. Chantay Savage
08. The Glow Of Love (Rob Hardt Remix) feat. Donna Gardier Listen
09. You Are The Universe (Michele Chiavarini Remix) feat. CeCe Peniston Listen
10. Music Is My Way of Life (JKriv Remix) feat. Kelli Sae
11. Nature Boy (Second Nature Mix) feat. Joy Rose

Disc 2

No. Track Preview
01. Get Down Saturday Night feat. Chantay Savage
02. Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me (Flava 2.0 Mix) feat. Donna Gardier
03. The Glow Of Love (Full Flava 2.0 Remix) feat. Donna Gardier
04. September (Full Flava 21st September Remix) feat. Chantay Savage
05. Make It Right (Full Flava 2.0 Mix) feat. Donna Odain
06. Stories (Full Flava 2.0 Mix) feat. Carleen Anderson
07. Love X Love (Love Flava Album Version) feat. Izzy Chase
08. Nature Boy (Second Nature Mix) feat. Hazel Fernandes
09. Get Down Saturday Night (Saturday Night Sunday Mix) feat. Chantay Savage

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