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Erik Escobar with his third release on Ten Lovers Music is joined by Michael Pipoquinhal on Bass and Miguel Assis on Percussion and Drums for five amazing Brazilian Jazz Fusion tracks. The EP is titled New Brazilian Trio and first up is a track called Arcanjo Miguel which is dedicated to the aforementioned drummer and percussionist Miguel Assis. Following that is Chick which is dedicated to the late great Chick Corea who is still one of Erik’s main references. Onto the AA side and Samba for Petrucciani is another track dedicated to one of Erik’s main influences, the track is inspired by a Michel Petrucciani track called Bite. Next up is Maraca – Funk, this song is a fusion of a Brazilian rhythm called “Maracatu” with added Funk in the style of Herbie with The Headhunters, another one of Erik’s influences since his teenage years. Finally Change of Plan is a song dedicated to the memory of his father, Freddy Escobar who was his mentor.


Track Listing


No. Track Preview
01. Arcanjo Miguel Listen
02. Chick Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Samba For Petrucciani Listen
02. Maraca Funk Listen
03. Change Of Plan Listen

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Erik Escobar New Brazilian Trio EP




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