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Elements Of Life Eclipse Part Two kicks off with brand new music “Feelin’ Like Rio” which features Axel Tosca on Fender Rhodes, Luisito Quintero & Roberto Vilera on percussion and
Gene Perez on bass. We travel to the vast lands of Brazil with “Feelin’ Like Rio” driving you with bouncing rhythms and a Fender Rhodes solo with tasteful riffs by keyboard virtuoso Axel Tosca.
“Fantasy” pays homage to the legend organist Johnny Hammond and featuring Melanin’, thesupporting singer crew of Elements Of Life; Anané, Dawn Tallman, and Ramona Dunlap.
“This Is Us” brings poetry to the spotlight with brilliant spoken word by Ursula Rucker and Oveous as well jazz scatting vocals by Lisa Fischer. “Draggin’ My Heels”, the Hollies Classic remade in the Elements Of Life way with lead vocals by Lisa Fischer brings forth a latin tinge. “I Dream A World” featuring seasoned musician, lead vocalist, Josh Milan, and “Overtake Don Overtake featuring Sahr takes you to the lands of Nigeria paying homage to the late great Fela Kuti. “Barbara Ann” a UK and Japan favorite, brings to life the music of Webster Lewis and features Cindy Mizelle and Lisa Fischer. The ultimate intro to the album now extended for the vinyl release “Balance In All Things”/ “Canto Para Ochose”/ “Celebrate” featuring an array of artists including Ursula Rucker, Nina Rodriguez, Lisa Fischer, Cindy Mizelle, Anane and Josh Milan, it’s journey for over six minutes, an epic piece with three songs in one. The release as it moves into the second phase just keeps getting better and better and we are only on Part Two of Eclipse by Elements Of Life.


Track Listing


No. Track Preview
01. Feelin' Like Rio Listen
02. Fantasy Listen


No. Track Preview
01. This Is Us Listen
02. Draggin' My Heels Listen


No. Track Preview
01. I Dream A World Featuring Josh Milan Listen
02. Balance In All Things/Canto Para Ochosi/Celebrate Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Barbara Ann Featuring Lisa Fischer & Cindy Mizelle Listen
02. Overtake Don Overtake Listen

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