El’ Willie – Shardarp II – Limited Edition


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Another musician, another great voice who wants his music to be listened and danced to overseas. And here we gotta thank Yann Vatiste big time for the great help in making this possible. Songwriter, Arranger, Producer, Sax & Keyboard Player, Singer William Travis aka “El Willie” began his professional career in the early 70’s, when he joined The Original Drifters as a sax player. After playing with the Original Drifters for about 4 years, Karl Knighton, Larrice Byrd , Stan Travis, and El Willie decided to get off of the road for a while. Since most of the band members desired to keep the band together they gave themselves the name “Nobody’ s Children”. They recorded the first version of “Shardarp” for Chet Davenport’s label Toeholt in 1976. El’ Willie resung it for us a couple of months ago, 42 years later at 68 years old, to get it Cannonballized and exported around the world. We arranged this version with a beautiful hot summer in mind, with the late hours at the party in mind, with the beach and the cocktails in mind and we are very proud of this work for a couple of main reasons: it ain’t been easy to get to it and our family keeps on enlarging with artists and collaborations, for the great happiness of authors, mates, our musicians, the production team, the djs and the dancers. It’s a sense of inclusion, and that’s what it’s all about.


El’ Willie & Mr. Wonderful hot from the press and probably our most powerful sounding releases so far. Release date March 30th confirmed, all preorders to be shipped next week. Not much copies left so be quick to get yours from www.cannonballsoul.com or your usual pusher!

Posted by Alberto Zanini on Tuesday, 27 March 2018

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01. Shardarp II - Vocal Listen


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01. Shardarp II - Instrumental

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