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“Witchoo” is a light-as-a-feather funk number powered by Mike Montgomery’s wiggly bassline, and Aaron Frazer and Durand Jones’ engaging high/low vocal harmonies, all imbued with a quiet, but unmistakable confidence. Jazzy keys and ambient conversation lend the song a smoothly celebratory vibe, as do its group-chant choruses: “Come through, bring the crew / I just wanna be witchoo!” Driven by effortlessly tight musicianship, “Witchoo” is an irresistible ode to getting together and having a good time—with a cathartic summer right around the corner in the States, the band’s timing couldn’t be better. Seeing Frazer, Jones and The Indications moving from isolation to joyous togetherness in the accompanying visual (dir. Weird Life) just hammers the excitement home.

“Love Will Work It Out” finds Durand Jones reflecting on the state of America in 2020.
Ultimately, the song’s message is one of optimism, as Jones declares on the chorus that “love will work it out.”
“That comes from my grandmother, who raised me and really believed in what Dr. King stood for,” he told Mojo. “She’s long gone now, but after George Floyd died, and I was feeling despair and doubt, I’d think about things that she would say. And that song is the sort of thing she would tell me, like, it’s hard right now, but don’t give up.”


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Love Will Work It Out


Durand Jones & The Indications




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