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Here at Athens of the North you know we love Disco, what you might not know is that my friend David Haffner (not only the deepest of disco heads but a great D.J as well) helped us license many of the rare Disco 45s on the label. It is about time David gets the shine he deserves so we asked him to compile some of the songs he helped licence for the label alongside new songs which we have here – ‘Disco With A Feeling’.

So what is ‘Disco With A Feeling’? It’s hard to quantify a sound, but our definition would include 70s Soul or Modern Soul 45s that fit into the disco sound, soulful and magical. The whole LP is straight up dance-floor fire, no matter who you are or where you’re from – a soul boy, disco lady, or a house head you are going to feel the heat of these club smashers.

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Track Listing


No. Track Preview
01. Reality - Ice Listen
02. I'm Loving You - Cloudburst Listen
03. These Are The Good Times - Popsicles Listen
04. You Can Win - Bileo Listen


No. Track Preview
01. She Really Needs Love - Mahana Listen
02. Defected - Jerry Blacksheer Listen
03. You Got A Lot Of Living To Do - Mr. Wigg & Co Listen
04. Time For A Change - Benita Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Days Gone Past - Darrell Johnson Listen
02. Paradise's Love - Bordeaux Listen
03. Watchin Out - Split Decision Band Listen
04. Disco Thing - Sequence Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Love Episode - Strivers Show Band Listen
02. Love Tempo - Love Company Listen
03. We Are Here To Party - Gratitude Listen
04. Life Is A Miracle - Jax Transit Authority Listen

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Disco With A Feeling




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