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Dana V Andrews is a man who is still very much in love with music of all types.

At 23 years old and far from living a perfect life, his love of music led him to go to Los Angeles, California in 1973 with a talented songwriter in search of fame and fortune.

Dana played a role while working on a song and album that was a big hit for the now deceased Mr. Barry White. In 1975 he met David Futch and together they formed a record and publishing company that recorded R&B and Gospel music. One of the gospel Groups, the Highland Park Community Choir out of Highland Park, Michigan had a song nominated for a Grammy Award in 1976.

​That same year, Dana V. Andrews recorded two songs titled “Mr. Justice” because he was distressed by the social injustice he saw and still sees in our world. His humble hope was that “Mr. Justice” could be a rallying call for the majority of good people in the world. To unite and vote for responsible, fair, politicians who had helping the people foremost in their hearts. And “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” because he had faith that eventually right will win out over wrong.

He still does to this day. He still believes today that when the majority of people stand for righteous justice with genuine love leading the way that governmental bipartisanship will defeat hate, prejudice, and injustice.


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Mr. Justice


No. Track Preview

Mr. Justice (Inst.)


Dana V. Andrews




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