Cunnie Williams – Stop Breaking My Heart – 7″ Vinyl (Clear) – LIMITED EDITION


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A dream turned into reality is my encounter with Sir Cunnie Williams long after his first album “Coming From The Heart of the Ghetto” in the early nineties changed my angle on Soul Music forever. “Do I Have To” and “What Is Black Music” shoved new musical landscapes to my young ears, until then badly addicted to just Northern Soul. Fast forward almost 30 years, can you guys imagine gettin inboxed by Cunnie himself saying he wrote a song for us to arrange. A dream comin true, all of a sudden, plain and simple. Now living in Compton, Cunnie Williams comes straight outta SOUTH CENTRAL L.A. the hood put to iron and fire during the famous riots of the early 90s where he was born in 1963, middle child among several brothers and sisters who played RnB and Funk themselves. His mom played piano, the family was surrounded by the sounds of his fathers blues and jazz records and Cunnie grew up listening to many types of music, his favorite being Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Maurice White from Earth Wind And Fire and Bill Withers. Although there was a call for his soul to be free he chose a basketball career which took him to Europe where he played for Greece and Germany but was always writing as he experienced his journey. He also went to a friend’s studio in Germany to make songs until one day it reached the ear of Chocolate City Productions’ Ralf Droesemeyer who produced “Do I Have To”, a song about the above riots in los Angeles, which eventually led to Cunnie’s first album “Coming From The Heart of The Ghetto”. The album that shaped my tastes for the following years and probably made me go beyond the Top 500 (which at the time were TOP 200 or so). Here I offer you our best production ever, believe it or not. Written, arranged and produced in the 2019 a.c. “Stop Breakin My Heart” hit the whole Cannonball Records Team deep inside and pushed us to deliver something we never delivered before.


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01. Stop Breaking My Heart Listen


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01. Stop Breaking My Heart - Saxtrumental Listen

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