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Double LP Vinyl Version.

Five albums, sixty tracks and still counting. Cool Million are back with a new album!

Ten years ago the euro soul duo Cool Million released their first album ‘Going Out Tonight’ on UK soul label Expansion Records. The album took the soul crowd by surprise, cause who were these guys that out of the blue, could recreated the soulful sound of the 80’s hey day like no other?

The answer to that question is; Rob Hardt and Frank Ryle. One a super musician from Germany with skills you can only dream of. The other a Dj/musicfreak from Denmark with a masterplan – both of them with tons of dedication and passion for thier craft.

Thier passion and ambition have kept them in the came for a decade and they have worked with a long list of artists, some known some not, some forgotten some on their way up! The list include names such as: Jean Carne, Keni Burke, Shirley Jones, Eugene Wilde, Meli’sa Morgan, Rena Scott, Leroy Burgess, Peggi Blu, Yvonne Gage, Marc Evans, Alton McClain, Kenny Thomas, Lisa Stansfield, Tom Moulton, Joey Negro, Dimitri From Paris and John Morales, Glenn Jones, Marc Sadane, Tim Owens, Gavin Christopher, Michael Jeffries.

Cool Million tells that they feel privileged and humble when they look at the list of names they have worked with over the ten years. Futhermore they add; ‘Who would have thought that two dudes from northern Europe would be able to create music with people that talented, we hope we could do it, when we started but that we actually done it, is amazing and wonderful’.

Reflecting on the first decade of Cool Million it’s fair to say that Rob & Frank are two determined and ambitious gentlemen with extraordinary talent.

So what can Cool Million tell us abouth their new album? ‘It’s a classic Cool Million album where we work/collaborate with various artists, staying true to our original concept both in terms of genre and how we think a album works best. Having say that we think that our fans will be a little surprised with the fact that this is our slowest album to date. We believe we have more variety than ever and it’s a fact that the music on the new album is slowed down in terms of more ballads and mid-tempo songs compared to our other albums’.

‘The reason for this development is that we wanted to try something that was a little out of our comfort zone. Also we felt that we wanted to prove that we can do quality slow jams aswell. You could also argue that is’s beause we both turned fifty this year.. haha’.


Track Listing


No. Track Preview
01. Stronger (feat. D-Train) Listen
02. Love the Way You Fly (feat. Seest) Listen
03. Queen Sugar (feat. Jasmine Franklin) Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Skintight (feat. Rachel Matthews) Listen
02. Save Your Love (feat. Boogie Back & David A. Tobin) Listen
03. Sexability (feat. Kevin East) Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Slow Burn Love (feat. D-Train) Listen
02. No Matter What (feat. Yolanda Lavender) Listen
03. Keep On (feat. Matthew Winchester) Listen


No. Track Preview
01. Come Back Home (feat. David A. Tobin) Listen
02. Share the Light (feat. Janus Soliånd) Listen
03. Your Move (feat. Sophie Ripley) Listen
04. Summer Rain (feat. Faye B) Listen

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